Moving into our new House!

The day we moved into our new house was the much-awaited day of our lives. It had been a long process, visiting many builders and architects, choosing the right things, from the ceiling heights to floor tiles, bathroom fixtures, kitchen design and everything you can think of in a house. So, when the house was ready, all we could think of was moving in and enjoying. But we forgot a very important thing! Window coverings.

My love for natural light meant the house had huge windows throughout. We couldn't use the front bedroom seeing as the windows were not covered yet. I needed to find the right blinds and shutters for my house- quickly. So, I jumped on to Google to find my perfect window solution. I rang a few companies who promptly sent their sales people to our house. But I was still stuck! Why? Because the sales people were not interested in helping me figure out what would look good and would be affordable at the same time. They showed me their standard ranges, handed me a quote, and left.

I was disappointed and starting to feel a bit stressed with the thought of a spying neighbour. I started to think:

- How much did I want to spend on window furnishings?

- How much privacy did I need? Of course, I didn’t want anyone to see through my bedroom window. At the same time I didn’t mind a sheer fabric near my kitchen window to bring in some sunlight during winters.

- What did I want in the wet areas – the bathroom and the laundry?

- How was I going to cover the huge roller shutters? Curtains, roller blinds, panel blinds etc?

- Did I want plantation shutters in a few areas? PVC or Basswood?

- What sort of blinds did I want in the bedrooms? What about kids rooms?

- Could I get some decorative pattern blinds for the kids rooms and the rumpus? Every sales person had only shown my very boring plain blinds colours or at the most a bit of texture.

Once I had some basic ideas in my mind, I found a salesman who assisted me to understand what would work best for our home. His quote was not the cheapest one, however the options he offered were quality products, complemented the interiors and were affordable. It’s been three years since we moved in and I can happily tell you- I chose the best option. Most of us leave window furnishings for the last, prefer to spend the least on these (after all we have to save somewhere!) and choose the cheapest quote. We do not realise that 30% of the look of our house depends on the window furnishings we choose. In the end, we have furnishings that we dislike but can’t afford to change so often. We live with the unattractive furnishings and every time we look at them, we wish we never chose these and went with a better option. I am glad I chose window furnishings very carefully at least, not going for the cheapest versions but settling for some good affordable options. Think, what would you like to end up with?

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