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Sleek, sophisticated and effortlessly versatile, Venetian blinds make a great choice for every room in the home. 


Venetian Blind Finshes

So many gorgeous colours and finishes to choose from. We’ll bring them all for you to browse during your in-home appointment.


For a modern and contemporary feature that’s as practical as it is stylish, choose a Venetian blind for your window to freshen up your décor. Available in a number of finishes and made from strong, durable aluminium, Venetian blinds are a welcome addition to any room in the house. 

Take full control of the amount of natural light coming in, whether you want to let it shine through or block it out completely. Adjust the slats to precisely the position you want for a practical privacy solution.


NewYork Venetians - Made from 100% Polystyrene, using a manufacturing process that makes the slats more rigid and durable. The attractive wood grain effect provides the look of wood at an affordable price, and has an excellent colour consistency for a uniform look.

The slats are resistant to heat and humidity and will resist warping, cracking and chipping, and are UV protected, New York is washable and easy to clean.  

NewYork is lighter than most faux wood blinds, making the blind easier to lift. 

The popularity of New York Venetian blinds lies in their durability in any conditions – you’ll get the same look as timber Venetians but a product that won’t warp, split, discolour or fade. These blinds are ideal for use in coastal areas, as they are resistant to damage by salt air. They also won’t fade or buckle in direct sunlight, which means you’ll get years of consistently good looks from this style.

We supply and install New York style venetian blinds in colour, and our enormous selection blends with any interior decor. You can also choose from classic 50mm blades for a traditional look or oversized 63mm blades when you want dramatic scale.

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